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Microphone miniature electromagnetic differential noise resistant DEMSH-1A / ДЭМШ-1А/ USSR

 Microphone miniature electromagnetic differential noise resistant DEMSH-1A / ДЭМШ-1А /  USSR

New - never used

Solenoid, miniature, differential, noise resistant DEMSH microphone designed to transform sound vibrations into electric vibrations of sound frequencies used in communications equipment and sound reinforcement,
While speaking into the microphone coil an alternating EMF, its frequency is the frequency of sound vibrations, thus, there is a transformation of sound vibrations into electrical. DEMSH - a pressure gradient receiver, its membrane is open on both sides. If the sound direction lies in the plane of the membrane, the sound vibrations to the microphone is not sensitive or less sensitive.
For efficient operation of the product needs to sound only working on the membrane on one side. In case the sound source is at a distance from the microphone, apply the vibrations to the diaphragm on both sides, so that it remains stationary or sedentary. This provides  noise resistant  DEMSH as noise impact is usually on all sides.
Main specifications:
Dimensions: 30 x 23 x 10.8 mm;
weight: 14 g;
Sensitivity at 1000 Hz: 0.4 - 1.25mV / Pa;
Frequency range: 400 - 1000 Hz;
Nominal frequency range: 200-4000 Hz;
impedance at the frequency of 1000 Hz: 20 +/- 40 ohms;


module electrical impedance at 1000 Hz: 400-1000 ohms.
Price excl. tax: 14.00лв.
Price inc. tax: 16.80лв.

Dynamic microphone miniature MDM-4 / МДМ-4 / USSR military

Dynamic microphone  miniature MDM-4  / МДМ-4 /  USSR military

♦ - russian standard for  military application

Dynamic microphone designed for compact communications equipment in the temperature range  -50 +50 ° C
the reception, transmission and amplification of speech, for the organization of the control room and special communications.
Main specifications:
Dimensions: 36х12,5хØ24  
weight: < 20g;
Sensitivity at 1000 Hz: 0,35 ÷0,9 V / Pa;
Nominal frequency range: 150-7000 Hz;
module electrical impedance at 1000 Hz: 220-350 ohms.
Price excl. tax: 15.00лв.
Price inc. tax: 18.00лв.
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