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Terms & Conditions

This statement is accessible from our main page and from the bottom of each page of this site.

The following terms refer to clients living outside of Bulgaria.

Dear clients, please be advised that to have your order taken, you'll have to confirm your consent to these terms.



The following document contains the general terms under which Pentod EOOD offers services to its clients through the site . Each user shall be bound by the rules of the general terms for the whole period of time using the site, from the initial entry to the time of leaving the website and the expiration of the legal time frames for filing claims and returning merchandise. is an internet page, which is a commercial centre for electronic trade, whose creator and owner is the company Pentod LTD, hereafter also referred to as the Provider. The site is specialised in selling electronic elements, radio lamps, electrical materials, fitting kits and other merchandise through the internet network by individual order of the client. All prices for merchandise indicated on this site are final and do not include the delivery cost! All prices are valid until exhaustion of available stock. Pentod LTD is entitled to change prices without prior notices to their users as well as to correct mistaken technical and other characteristic features of the merchandise. The content of this site shall not be reproduced or shown without the written consent of Pentod LTD.

Objects of Sale

The objects of sale shall be the merchandise offered on the site by the time of placing of a purchase order by the user.

The items of merchandise, objects of the sale through the site have been described by types and have been classified in separate categories according to common and similar characteristics. shall bear no responsibility for any possible differences resulting from the specifics of the computer screens. The placing of a purchase order for specific items of merchandise shall be treated as consent by the user regarding their type and quality.

Payment Methods

The prices for the items merchandise have been stated in BGN, however users can select the currency from the "Currencies" module and the site automatically calculates the price according to the exchange rate of the European Central Bank on that day.

Payment of the owed funds, including delivery costs shall be done electronically by means of the payment modules integrated in the site.

For foreign clients and for their greater safety, we recommend PayPal

Upon placing the individual purchase order for the item of merchandise chosen by the user in accordance with the established for that purpose order, the delivery method (described further down in Section Delivery) shall be selected. The user then pays the price indicated on the site, which also includes the delivery cost.



Under certain conditions (total amount of order, discount, regular customers, individual order) and others declared in advance, the delivery cost can be paid by the site; then the client shall only pay for the price of the item. In this case, the delivery method shall be chosen by the Provider.

  1. Postal order is the cheapest option for deliveries weighing less than 2 kg.

If you opt for this type of delivery, from the "Delivery Methods" menu choose "TABLE BASKET". If it does not appear, this means that the package is heavier and you should split it into smaller parts (if possible) or choose another delivery method.

  1. Delivery by courier

By your wish and for faster delivery, we offer a choice among the following international delivery couriers: DHL, UPS, FEDEX ,PDP. You can opt for one of them, or indicate another one in writing at . We'll respond by quoting the delivery cost. If you agree to this option, your order will be classified in the "Private Orders" category and upon ordering choose the delivery method "Flat Rate".

3. Free Delivery

To use this option the item of merchandise should be marked with "International Free Delivery" or you should have negotiated with the provider to opt for a "PER PRODUCT" method of delivery upon placing a purchase order.

Attention: These items of merchandise shall only be ordered individually and in the declared numbers. Please, do not place combined orders even only for free delivery items. It is not a problem to place several orders for one and the same item. This is done for the purpose of optimising the orders.

The items of merchandise shall be dispatched within 1 to 3 business days after confirmation of payment.

For postal orders the parcels shall be dispatched by registered air mail and the client shall be given the code which allows him to trace the delivery in real time.

Delivery time:

- for Europe 7-10 days. NOT VALID FOR ITALY because of the organisation of Italian postal services and the delivery time being 12-40 days. Italian clients should bear this in mind. Claims for slow deliveries or undelivered items coming from Italy shall not be regarded.

- USA, Canada, Australia, Japan etc. - 10-18 days.

Please, be advised that these days are tentative and at certain times of increased security measures (in 2010 / 2011 there was a ban on deliveries by air mail to the USA and Canada) these time limits can be extended.

You can see where your delivery is and ask the postal operator about the reason for the delay.

Upon delivery within 1-5 days according to the courier and the tariff


please, be advised that the site bears no responsibility for delayed and undelivered items, which have been correctly dispatched.

Claiming and Replacing of Merchandise


We guarantee that all items of merchandise have been checked and packed for safe transportation in advance.

Attention: All deliveries and merchandise have been marked and protected by hologram stickers and other marking methods, which make them unique and their authenticity can easily be verified.

Notwithstanding, if the delivered item does not correspond to the ordered one, is faulty or does not comply with the stated characteristic features, it will be replaced at our expense and if the item is out of stock, you can choose another one at the same price or you can have your money refunded.

Within seven days of receiving the delivery, the client is entitled:

- To reject the item and return it at his expense provided that the original packaging has not been damaged.

- To claim to have a certain item replaced by another one for the same equivalence of money. In this case the return and the delivery shall be at his own cost, and the replacement shall be performed only if the rejected item is in good condition.

In all cases money shall be refunded to clients within 30 days of settlement of the case.

Please, before filing a claim, fill in the "Return Merchandise" form

which can be found at the bottom of the "Returns" menu of the site and, if possible, submit photographs.


We would like to inform you that we shall do our best within reasonable boundaries to cover all your claims. For that reason we are asking you to contact us before you resort to independent arbitration.



Rights and Obligations of Users


Users have the right to examine, place individual orders and receive merchandise from the site in compliance with the order and conditions specified in it.

Users have the right to be informed about the status of their orders.

Users are entitled to delivery of the ordered merchandise at the specified address for delivery upon payment of the sales price as specified on the site.

Users shall pay the price of the order by the methods specified on the site.

Users shall not use the site for purposes other than those indicated and specified in the General Terms of Use


Rights and Obligations of Pentod LTD


Pentod LTD   does not have the obligation or the objective capability to control the way in which users make use of the services rendered.

Pentod  LTD  has the right but not the obligation to keep materials and information on the server or made available to third parties by a user and to submit them to third parties and the respective state authorities when this is necessary for the preservation of the rights and legal interests, property and security of Pentod LTD  , as well as to third parties in cases of filed claims related to violation of their rights regarding information and materials used or disseminated, and in cases when the information and materials have been demanded by state authorities by virtue of an explicit legal order.

Pentod LTD  shall at any time, with no prior notice to the user, when the latter uses the services in violation of the present terms, as well as by its own judgement, discontinue, suspend or change the services rendered and shall not assume responsibility before users and third parties for damages suffered or benefits foregone resulting from the discontinuation, suspension, change or limitation of the services, deletion, alteration, loss, lack of trustworthiness, inaccuracy, incompleteness of messages, materials or information, transferred, used, recorded or made available through Pentod LTD .


Pentod LTD shall not be responsible for damages caused in any way through the services rendered.

Pentod LTD shall not be responsible for damages caused by incorrect operation and by incompetent persons with merchandise bought from the site.

The user shall indemnify Pentod LTD and all third parties for any damages suffered or benefits foregone, including all expenses resulting from filed claims and paid compensations to third parties with regard to unlawful activities on the site in violation of the law and the present general terms.

Changes in the General Terms

The general terms can be changed at any time by Pentod LTD and the latter shall inform users about the changes in the general terms by publishing on the site a notice about the changes and the changes themselves. A user shall be considered as bound by the changes from the moment of their publication, unless he/she states otherwise. If the user explicitly states that he/she does not agree with the changes, then Pentod LTD, upon fulfilment of the obligations that have been binding thus far, has the right to immediately discontinue rendering services to that user.